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Global Regional Seas Partnership on Coral Reefs
Progress reports/updates
Objective & Description
The objectives of the partnership are to:
i. At the global level, develop approaches and tools that enable an ecosystem approach to assessment, planning and management of coral reefs and related ecosystems, and support exchange of best practice and lessons learned between regions through a community of practice;
ii. At the regional level, adapt and tailor approaches, tools and methods to regional and national needs, and facilitate their adoption by regional intergovernmental mechanisms through provision of policy support;
iii. At the national level, support uptake, application and capacity building through pilot or demonstration interventions implemented with national and regional partners.
Governance & Coordination Mechanisms
Implementation Methodologies
The partnership will implement activities consistent with the ICRI Call to Action and Framework For Action through the Regional Seas, under three primary technical work areas:

- Theme 1. Management for resilient coral reefs. Under this theme the partnership will develop indicators, methods and planning tools for adaptive management of coral reefs and related ecosystems, their biological diversity, ecosystem processes and water quality as well as human use, impacts and dependencies;

- Theme 2. Sustaining coral reef ecosystem services, businesses and livelihoods. Under this theme the partnership will enable application of an ecosystem services approach in coral reef decision-making. This may encompass tools for assessment and valuation of coral reef ecosystem services to underpin public financing decisions, tenure-based management of coral reef resources, as well as development and adoption of sectoral codes of practice;

- Theme 3. Data and information for coral reef policy. Under this theme the partnership will support Regional Seas based state of environment, management performance reporting and needs assessment for coral reef decision-making. Indicators and approaches for tracking progress towards targets and management performance will also be developed and applied.

The partnership may develop new approaches, tools or knowledge products or, where possible, adapt existing tools for use in coral reef areas/regions. The partnership will draw upon and collaborate with on-going activities addressing marine and coastal ecosystem based management by UNEP, Regional Seas and other partners. This includes UNEPís current initiatives on Blue Carbon, Marine Spatial Planning and Area-based Management, Island Ecosystem Management, etc. Where relevant the partnership will collaborate with existing global partnerships, including but not limited to the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, global partnerships on nutrients, sewage, and marine litter supported by the UNEP Global Programme of Action on the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities (GPA), and the global partnership on sustainable tourism supported by UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and the Environment (DTIE).

Arrangements for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer
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