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Sustainable Consumption and Production for SIDS Initiative (within the 10YFP)
UNEP, 10YFP, South Pacific Tourism Organisation, Mauritius, Samoa, Barbados, Jamaica, Seychelles, Comoros
Deliverable Date
Inclusion of SIDS in the 10YFP framework, including participation in regional meetings and deliver of technical assistance/capacity building
Mobilization of existing financial resources to deliver capacity building
Coordination/harmonization of SCP priorities within the Global SCP Clearinghouse
Objective & Description
i. Facilitate the preparation and implementation of national SCP Plans and sub-regional coordination planning frameworks for SIDS, including the promotion of lifecycle based and integrated planning methods (e.g. Coastal Tourism Development on the basis of ICZM and Carrying Capacity) into national and sectoral development planning.

ii. Seek international financial assistance to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns in SIDS, including, inter alia, in the development of sustainable products and services, sustainable food systems, waste management, marine litter, sustainable public procurement, sustainable building and construction, the reduction of non-degradable substances and the treatment and storage of chemicals and other hazardous waste, among others.

iii. Promote capacity building in SCP, especially in SMEs, through increased resource efficiency and integrating SCP tools and approach in areas identified by SIDS in the Barbados Programme of Action, such as sustainable tourism, SMEs, waste management (3Rs), sustainable lifestyles and sustainable food systems.

iv. Match the demand for SCP in SIDS with available financial resources, facilitating resource mobilization and tangible commitments between existing funds, donors, investors, and key SIDS countries and stakeholders.
v. Promote knowledge and information sharing (tools, methodologies, best practices) through inter- and intra-regional policy dialogues and the Global SCP Clearinghouse.

vi. Support science-policy dialogue on identifying critical issues on natural resource use and management in SIDS with a view on reducing the resource intensity of the economy and supporting ecosystem conservation.
Governance & Coordination Mechanisms
Implementation Methodologies
This initiative will be coordinated in close consultation with SIDS countries from all three sub-regions. A few champion countries from each sub-region will be identified, who will take ownership of the initiative, organizing coordination meetings and utilizing existing tools such as the Global SCP Clearinghouse ( to facilitate the exchange of best practices and SCP priorities.

The 10YFP Secretariat is currently in consultation with, and seeking active participation from, donor organizations and development banks with a concrete imperative to deliver SCP assistance in SIDS.
SCP must also be planted firmly on the radar of many SIDS countries, through increased political awareness that will be facilitated by the presence of 10YFP material at upcoming SIDS for a such as the Samoa Conference and the Pacific Island Forum.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer:

The idea is not to create a new source of funding, but rather to facilitate resource mobilization and tangible commitments between existing funds, donors, investors, and key SIDS countries and stakeholders.
SIDS priority areas will be assessed through tools such as the Global SCP Clearinghouse, which will serve as an open forum for SIDS to express their needs and expectations. This will allow for coordination to avoid duplication and assess which programmes of the 10YFP can best respond to specific priorities.
Arrangements for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer
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