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ACP - Pacific Sustainable Fisheries Value Chains
Africa, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) Group of States
Governments of Pacific Island Countries, PICs/ Pacific Small Island Developing States
Secretariat of the Pacific Community, SPC
Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, FFA
Progress reports/updates
Deliverable Date
partnership launch 2012
parnership implementation ongoing
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise partnership launch
Staff / Technical expertise partnership implementation
Objective & Description
The partners bring to the Pacific Small Island Developing States, a complimentary comparative advantage in regard to a sound understanding of the status of the region's rich tuna resources and experience in the effective implementation of responsible management practices achieved by the regional and national fisheries agencies, providing a firm foundation for diversifying the use of tuna.
The partnership specific aim is promote the adoption of appropriate technology and techniques that allow value addition, and the adoption of good practices; improving the role of small scale businesses in the value chains. Importantly, the partnership is not expected to increase the risk of over-fishing tuna. Instead, it would leverage the conservation benefits for the pacific Oceans and Seas, helping to reduce fishing pressure on reef fish stocks where it is presently too high.
The partnership is expected to mobilize experience and expertise to promote small scale business participation in oceans and seas - based fisheries value chain; providing technical assistance with a focus on private sector support and regulatory advise interventions to capitalize on the opportunities to expand the use of tuna for local food security; and overall improvement of availability/access to nutritious, quality and safe fish and fisheries products for food, economic livelihoods and sustainable economic growth.

Governance & Coordination Mechanisms
UNIDO in collaboration with SPC and FFA - partners at the regional level are responsible for aspects of partnership coordination. Governments, inter-governmental agencies and the relevant industry and private sector entities of Pacific Island Countries, PICs are responsible for implementation and direct participants in the partnership capacity building arrangements.
Implementation Methodologies
In line with the 3ADI (UNIDO, FAO, IFAD and AfDB - modality, this partnership covers the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) and related to the development of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) fisheries value chain¯. The partnership aims to strengthen the productive capacities of small businesses and improve marketing linkages in regional fisheries value chains, so as to enhance food security and sustainable improvement of rural and urban livelihoods in the PICs.
Arrangements for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer
Strong synergies and partnership with the ongoing tuna trade support interventions and the activities of this project designed to increase access to fish for national food security will be established, particularly in the implementation of good practices for the domestic fisheries value chains and marketing of fish and fish products for consumers in the domestic markets. Arrangements for capacity building include:.
a. Promoting practical systems for handling, preserving, processing and distributing fish
b. Designing and commissioning improved market infrastructure and facilities where they are most needed
c. Strengthening the marketing initiatives of fishing cooperatives
d. Improving the competitiveness of small-scale businesses in all aspects of the value chains, complying to good practices on quality fish and fisheries products to markets
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