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Global Thermostat, LLC
- Air Force Office of Scientific Research
- The Global Compact
- SS News
- East Carolina University
- Universite Mediterranee
- Special Unit for South South Corporation
- The Graduate Institute, Geneva
Progress reports/updates
Deliverable Date
Delivering goals of CCRM 2016
Building pilot plants for carbon capture in AOSIS nations 2016
Delivering goals of COP 2017
Implementing UN Green Power Fund 2017
Type Details
In-kind contribution Technical Expertise
Objective & Description
Implement a resolution to global warming and north/south wealth gap through the Green Power Fund.
Governance & Coordination Mechanisms
Coordination by CCRM and Graciela Chichilnisky.
Implementation Methodologies
Economic development of Carbon Negative Technology and implementation of proposal to the UN COP of the UNSCCC.
Arrangements for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer
Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer: Presentations and workshops in COP and various AOSIS nations.
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