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We reaffirm the role that data and statistics play in development planning in small island developing States and the need for the United Nations system to collect statistics from those States, irrespective of size and in the least burdensome way, by, inter alia, allowing electronic submission and, where appropriate, submissions through competent regional agencies.
117 (a)
In this regard, we call upon the United Nations system to provide support:
To ensure that United Nations entities take fully into account the issues of small island developing States and include support for those States and the development of their capacities in their programmes at the appropriate levels;
UNEP through the “Support to Regional Forums” project will organize capacity building sessions to support preparedness of regions particularly SIDS in relevant global and regional negotiations and preparations for the sessions of the UN Environment Assembly.
117 (b)
To continue to enhance, through national and regional initiatives, the voice and participation of small island developing States in the decision-making and norm-setting processes of international financial institutions;
117 (c)
To improve interregional and intraregional cooperation and collaboration among small island developing States, including, where required, through institutional mechanisms and capacity-building;
IOM: MECLEP project
117 (d)
To ensure that the issues of small island developing States are adequately addressed by the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council, as well as the high-level political forum on sustainable development convened under their auspices.
To ensure the realization of a transformational strategy for the sustainable development of small island developing States, we call upon the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and their subsidiary bodies to monitor the full implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action, the Mauritius Strategy and the Samoa Pathway, including through the monitoring frameworks of the regional commissions.
DESA: GA69 (Sep 2015), ECOSOC- HLPF discussions on SIDS (Jun-Jul 2015) UNIDO: To prevent delays and gaps in performance, annual reporting and review suggested.
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