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Recognizing that sustainable tourism represents an important driver of sustainable economic growth and decent job creation, we strongly support small island developing States in taking the following actions:
Leveraging the expertise of, inter alia, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the Global Observatories on Sustainable Tourism of the World Tourism Organization, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism and other United Nations bodies, as well as the 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production patterns, to provide platforms for the exchange of best practices and direct and focused support to their national efforts;
UNEP: 10YFP to be further determined within the 10YFP sustainable tourism programme to be launched in November 2014. UNITAR: - World Heritage Sites Nomination Training programme (Delivered 2003 2014)
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Given the unique and particular vulnerabilities of small island developing States, for example, small size, limited negotiating capacity and remoteness from markets, we recognize that efforts are needed to support their further integration regionally and between the regions and in world markets. With this in mind, we strongly support the efforts of small island developing States:
To assess the implications and mitigate the impact of non-tariff barriers to their market access opportunities through, inter alia, appropriate technical assistance and the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement of the World Trade Organization;
UNCTAD supports the establishment of national trade and transport facilitation committees, and the implementation of trade facilitation programmes. UNITAR: Training Prohgramme for SMEs for access to European Markets.
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