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44 (a)
We call for support for the efforts of small island developing States:
To build resilience to the impacts of climate change and to improve their adaptive capacity through the design and implementation of climate change adaptation measures appropriate to their respective vulnerabilities and economic, environmental and social situations;
UNCTAD technical assistance strengthens SIDS capacity to build resilience of maritime ports and airports to climate change effects.

UNEP: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Pathways to climate change adaptation: the case of Small Island Developing States
44 (c)
We call for support for the efforts of small island developing States:
To raise awareness and communicate climate change risks, including through public dialogue with local communities, to increase human and environmental resilience to the longer-term impacts of climate change;
52 (a)
In consideration of the special case of small island developing States and their unique and particular vulnerabilities, we are committed to supporting their efforts:
To gain access to technical assistance and financing for early warning systems, disaster risk reduction and post-disaster response and recovery, risk assessment and data, land use and planning, observation equipment, disaster preparedness and recovery education programmes, including under the Global Framework for Climate Services, and disaster risk management;
UNEP: Technical assistance to SIDS on incorporating ecoDRR in the national disaster risk deduction framework.
58 (c)
With this in mind, we strongly support action:
To implement fully and effectively the regional seas programmes in which small island developing States participate;

UNEP: Regional Seas: Establishment of an information sharing platform among the four SIDS regional seas programmes with initial focus on blue economy and marine litter. WMO and UNESCO: Through
63 (f)
In this regard, we are committed to working together to support the efforts of small island developing States:
To enhance the resilience of agriculture and fisheries to the adverse impacts of climate change, ocean acidification and natural disasters;
UNIDO VCD Approach: Takes up to one year following country/SID state official identification of required technical support for value chain development (subject to priority value chain, financing and partners identification)
In this regard, we reaffirm our commitment to support the efforts of small island developing States to gain access, on mutually agreed terms, to appropriate, reliable, affordable, modern and environmentally sound technologies and know-how and to increase connectivity and the use of information and communications technology through improved infrastructure, training and national legislation, as well as public and private sector involvement.
115 (c)
To elaborate appropriate indices for assessing the progress made in the sustainable development of small island developing States that better reflect their vulnerability and guide them to adopt more informed policies and strategies for building and sustaining long-term resilience and to strengthen national disaggregated data and information systems as well as analytical capabilities for decision-making, the tracking of progress and the development of vulnerability-resilience country profiles.
UNEP: UNEP-Live has already established SIDS portions of UNEP Live in cooperation with UNSD.
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