Uripiv Island Melakel Vanuatu: Climate Change Adaptation Responses and Resilience
Status of initiative: Completed
Description/achievement of initiative

Areas of Impact and Scope of Youth in Building Resilience Engaging Ni-Vanuatu youth in learning and action that combines environmental and climate change education with hands-on experiential learning projects related to climate change adaptation and resilience in Vanuatu which the youth present in their communities. Through education and experience with SeaTrust Institute researchers and interns, youth gain an increased understanding of environmental challenges and ways to make a positive impact -- both domestically and globally. By blending political, scientific and social knowledge and understanding within the local cultural context, youth gain useful knowledge and skills and they develop the presence to contribute to climate change adaptation planning and implementation, local governance and global input.

Implementation methodologies

Preparation, document development, global presentations and onsite work in Uripiv begins with a draft plan for project delivery and dissemination through the partnership between the Uripiv Melakel Association and SeaTrust Institute, under the direction of Government of Vanuatu Department of Women's Affairs and Ministry of Climate Change.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Capacity Building: Uripiv Youth and Community- Uripiv Youth growth into Climate Change Adaptation Leaders - Capacity building of Vanuatu and Pacific Island through youth-led projects engaging experts and citizens on impacts of climate change and adaptation decisions for climate change - Rural island implementation of National core capacities for the sound management climate change and disaster risk reduction and management Capacity Building: National Policy - Local Community-Implementation and strategic linking of local, culturally relevant youth engagement with climate change action aligned with national sectoral plans for strengthening Vanuatu capacities for health, disaster risk reduction, education, water, transportation, justice, finance, agriculture, housing, transport, and sustainable development- Strengthening food and water security activities-Educating communities on practices to reduce vulnerabilities and prepare in advance for climate related disaster health measures

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The Project Lead from SeaTrust Institute will, under the direction of Vanuatu governmental leadership, direct approved activities of interns and partners in areas including but not restricted to: development of training programs and materials for participants and facilitators, planning and methodology for implementation and assessment; youth/community training; intersectoral and global partnership collaboration; and capacity building. The action plan items for these activities are to be undertaken under the direction of the Director of Women's Affairs and the Minister for Climate Change Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Environment, Energy and Disaster Management by the international NGO, SeaTrust Institute, providing research and implementation technical assistance with support from the Uripiv Melakel Association.


Dorosday Kenneth Dhressen, Director of Women's Affairs Republic of Vanuatu James Bule, Minister for Climate Change Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Environment, Energy and Disaster Management Republic of Vanuatu Lawson Samuel, Secretary General MALAMPA Province, Head of Climate Change Directive Lynn Wilson CEO/Executive Director, SeaTrust Institute, USA Gerald Tamau President, Uripiv Melakel Association, Republic of Vanuatu
First participant manuals and presentation by SeaTrust and Republic of Vanuatu at COP20 in Lima, Peru
Revised participant and facilitator manuals (based on work with Uripiv youth)
Onsite training in Uripiv by SeaTrust Institute
Onsite training and youth presentations in Uripiv and presentation by SeaTrust and Republic of Vanuatu at COP21 in Paris
Resources devoted to implementation
Staff / Technical expertise
Presentations - SeaTrust Institute and Republic of Vanuatu
Staff / Technical expertise
Project development, training delivery and participant technical support - SeaTrust Institute
Financing (in USD)
Progress reports
Cut off date each year: 1 July
This initiative fulfils the SMART criteria.
Date of completion: December 2016
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Contact information/focal point(s)
Lynn Wilson, lwilson@seatrustinstitute.org

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