Marine cooperation in capacity building
Status of initiative: On track
Description/achievement of initiative

To promote marine scientific cooperation with relevant government departments of small island developing countries and other state holders in the fields of marine environment and biodiversity protection, marine disaster prevention and mitigation, blue economy and other fields of common interests; To promote the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States by providing personnel training, technical assistant etc.

Implementation methodologies

1. Personnel Training-1) Personnel Exchange by organising workshops, symposia, training courses etc.-2) Encourage application for China Ocean Scholarship for a Master or Doctor degree2. Technical Support-1) Assistance in building tide gauge stations-2) Scientific research on ocean acidification, coral reef protection, sea water desalination-3) Marine resource exploration-4) Equipment installation and utilization

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Joint scientific research and survey,Construction of joint lab or station,Expert and stuff exchange and training.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Establish bilateral cooperation mechanism governed by departments in charge of marine affairs from both parties


Relevant government departments of small island developing countries and other state holders, having signed MOU (interdepartmental) on Maritime Cooperation with Jamaica, Maldives and Mauritius.
China Ocean Scholarship offer(5-6)
Short Term Technical Training
Build tide gauge station (1-2)
Resources devoted to implementation
Staff / Technical expertise
Sending expertise for observation station establishment
Progress reports
Cut off date each year: 1 July
This initiative fulfils the SMART criteria.
Date of completion: 2020
Operating in countries
Partner connections
Contact information/focal point(s)
YU Xinwei, yuxinwei08@gmail.com

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