Love Your Coast Open Sourced Capacity Building through Sport and the Environment Programs
Status of initiative: On track
Description/achievement of initiative

This partnership will build the capacity of communities in Small Island Developing States to tackle marine debris, water quality, non-communicable diseases, disaster risk reduction and organisational management/quality assurance for development projects.Partnering with Olympic committees for program introductions into states means that sports are promoted during activities as a rule. This has an immediate impact on non-communicable diseases. The events coordinated as training exercises (coastal clean-ups and riparian planting) are also inherently physical and accessible for a wide range of people.

Implementation methodologies

This partnership is implemented through a "train the trainer" model in SIDS which passes on key skills in public speaking, event management, community engagement, organisational management and fundraising. These skills are then put into practice with educational presentations, events (including coastal clean-ups and riparian planting) and evaluation for behavioural change through surveys.Any SIDS with an Olympic committee can source seed funding from the International Olympic Committee's "Olympic Solidarity" program.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

The core implementation of this project, as discussed above, is about capacity building. Project resources, plans, tactics and toolkits are not only open sourced, but training is given for communities to build their local capacity to use them and additional ongoing support provided through digital platforms.The programs are housed at www.loveyourcoast.org which provides a platform for action against marine litter. Another platform (www.loveyourwater.org) is currently being built to take action on water quality through riparian planting events and education. These programs have proved that the populations who get involved are exhibiting behavioural change on littering, single-use plastics consumption and sharing of information.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust, based out of New Zealand is the owner of the platforms for this program, however all material is open-sourced. We work with the Oceania Olympic Committees Board to determine SIDS of priority for Sports and the Environment Projects. Funding decisions for Sport and the Environment projects are governed by Olympic Solidarity (a department of the International Olympic Committee), whilst strategy for the funding is implemented by the Sports and the Environment Commission. Achievement on disaster risk reduction will be governed our staff who gained experience in managing over 6,500 volunteers to clean up an oil spill in New Zealand (a world first) and through a governance partnership with the Volunteer Army Foundation (a major group working with the UNISDR, who initiated another world-first program by engaging student volunteers to respond to a major earthquake in Christchurch).


The International Olympic Committee, The Oceania National Olympic Committees, The Global Partnership for Marine Litter, The Global Partnership for Nutrient Management, The Volunteer Army Foundation (Major Group Representative for the UNISDR), New Zealand Department of Corrections (Paremoremo and Waikeria Prisons), Matson Shipping Company, Sofrana Unilines Shipping Company, Facebook New Zealand Limited, International Volunteer HQ, Sony New Zealand, Singapore Airlines New Zealand, KPMG New Zealand, BDO New Zealand, Auckland Council, Mutfung Behavioural Design Specialists (Melbourne), Benefitz Printing New Zealand, The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee, The National Capital District Authority (Port Morseby), The Fijian Association of Sport and National Olympic Committee, The Cook Islands Olympic Committee, The Marshall Islands Olympic Committee, The Guam Olympic Committee, The Palau Olympic Committee, The Federated States of Micronesia Olympic Committee, The Vanuatu Olympic Committee, The Solomon Islands Olympic Committee, The Tongan Olympic Committee, The American Samoan Olympic Committee, The Samoan Olympic Committee.
Development of www.loveyourcoast.org and www.loveyourwater.org websites to include functionality to achieve the above implementation plan
Specific research undertaken on capacity of all SIDS for Sports and the Environment seed funding, capacity of local Corrections authorities and relevant NGO organisations. This will allow creation of a development plan for each SIDS based on this partnership model
Roll-out of capacity building program pilots in wider Papua New Guinea, Guam and Fiji
Resources devoted to implementation
Financing (in USD)
Other, please specify
An as-yet un-quantifiable amount has can be resourced through offender labour. Over 8,500 prisoners in New Zealand alone
Other, please specify
An as-yet un-quantifiable amount has can be resourced through offender labour. Over 8,500 prisoners in New Zealand alone
In-kind contribution
Over $4,000,000 worth of professional support for the waterfront education centre
Staff / Technical expertise
We have a network of over 30 professionals in New Zealand assisting with our project roll out
Progress reports
Cut off date each year: 1 July
This initiative fulfils the SMART criteria.
Date of completion: Ongoing
Operating in countries
Contact information/focal point(s)
Sam Judd, sam@sustainablecoastlines.org

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